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The purpose of an online store is to engage customers and encourage them to make a purchase and sell products online. Ecommerce stores are an excellent way to start a small business. They can be used to sell a variety of products, with the most popular being clothing, food, and accessories. Ecommerce stores help you keep track of sales, order inventory, and collect payments. They can also help you build a customer base and gain followers.

According to the website "the eCommerce sector in South Africa experienced a 19% boost in 2021, contributing to the worldwide increase of 29%. Revenue development is continuous. New markets are being developed, and existing ones may also grow. Global development will proceed for the next few years. In 2019, 14.1% of all retail sales around the world were made through e-commerce. By 2023, this number is expected to rise to 22%."

Naming your startup domain name

Before you build your online store to sell products online, selecting the names of your store and domain is as important as selecting the types of products that you will offer. A domain name should be easy for potential customers to locate online. You can boost traffic by including search engine optimization keywords in your domain name. If you are selling shoes, for example, handmade shoes, include 'shoes' in the name. We create your marketplace with a well designed theme and navigation design with an easy front-end UX.
The layout of products and categories for a ecommerce store

We upload your products to your marketplace for a complete product inventory

We populate your online store with our template spreadsheet layout by uploading all your products to the shopping cart. We build everything you need for your online business. You could sell products and services like dropshipping, digital downloads, or sell consultancy via online bookings.

Check out process of the shopping cart

We build all the A-Z steps into your shop for a seamless logical automated process from when a user selects a product, to instant payment processors, and shipping calculations for your online commerce store.
Check out process steps for ecommerce website
The Ecommerce shop layout needs to be simple to navigate with product photos and trending products

The shop layout is simple to navigate with product photos and trending products.

Choose a design template that works for your brand. Users can easily checkout and purchase the product categories, and product images can be zoomed in and out for more product details with a few clicks. First-time users register automatically when they check out a product from the shop. You could also use social media marketing and sell directly from your Facebook business page and ask for customer reviews. Your store can be integrated with multiple payment processors. Users do not need to pre-register to buy from your store.

Online training to manage your online store

We use video conferencing tools to do live training so that you can manage the back-end of your shopping cart to manage your product prices, stock, and product images. We also created a video of your shopping cart that you can watch if you get stuck.
Skype or Zoom traning how to manage ecommerce store

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Starting an e-Commecre business is not that easy. You have to be smart, creative, and business-savvy. You need to research online sales and marketing skills, as well as social media management. Moreover, if you have the right product or service to offer it could be a booming business. You can make money by selling online, but it requires effort and time.

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We develop bespoke eCommerce solutions for businesses with 18+ years of experience. Our personalised approach ranges from simple online stores to complex subscription-based platforms, with ongoing support.
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