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Physical Store vs Online Ecommerce Store

In its simplest terms, an e Commerce is business done online. Anything that deals with purchasing goods and services for the profit of one party can be considered e Commerce. Online retailing, auction, bookings, buying and selling of products services and information and traded in different currency’s is e commerce. Building an online shop is less challenging than building a physical shop.

Advantages of an e commerce shop

An E COMMERCE ONLINE SHOP does not only give you the possibility to expand your customer base, it also save you the cost of having a physical store. You can have pages dedicated to frequently asked questions about your products and services and when your customers have queries you can direct them to certain pages on your website. A website also gather vital information and feedback from your clients to help with your marketing strategies.

The information could be send as email reminders to your customers whom you have not seen for sometime. An online shop can be a daunting task if you are not tech-savvy, but we use CMS (Content Management Systems) and CRM (Customer Resource Management) with and a few hours training you will be able to see how easy it is. We provide you with all the ongoing technical support and training that you need to make your E Commerce shop a positive experience. Every year, the online e-commerce industry is growing not only in profit, but also in popularity.

More transactions are being done online. However, there are still challenges that this industry currently faces. One of these obstacles is the government or regulatory bodies which restrict some activities. One of these obstacles that South Africans faced was the problem to receive money with a PayPal account however since 25 March 2010 this has changed. PayPal is now accessible to all South Africans and makes us full partners in the international e-commerce arena.

There are different kinds of e-commerce solutions like Payment Gateway Integration, Secure Shopping Cart Solutions, Credit Card Processing Integration, and E-Commerce with Content Management System Solutions for a customized e-commerce web design.

Advantage to use an above e-commerce solution:

  • Ability to expand your business into global market is less expensive.
  • The cost of marketing and product advertising is still much less than print and tv media.
  • Easy to manage and update product prices and changes.
  • Detailed reports of items in few minute.
  • Time saving for both vendor and customer.
  • E-commerce is useful in both small and big enterprise.
  • Sent information about new product to your customer by using email auto responders.

One of the biggest advantages is trading hours 24x7x365 with very little staff, give us a call and we will do a free assessment of your online business.  We have the tools to do detailed research of how big your niche market will be and how to target those online customers.

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We have been developing eCommerce since 2004. We design any type of e-commerce solution, from a general store to complex membership websites that need a recurring subscription payments. Specialist in custom eCommerce Solutions.
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