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Do I own my e-commerce website property?

We register your domain in your name. You own the domain and the website property. We also transfer existing domains from your hosting company and give the access rights when transferred. Access agreement terms apply.
We register your domain in your name. You own the domain and the website property. We also transfer existing domains from your hosting company and give the access rights when transferred. Access agreement terms apply.

Do I pay a monthly fee?

We don’t charge monthly fees for the first year (12 months). After the 2nd year, management and domain renewal fees apply.

Do I get free eCommerce hosting?

We offer free hosting for the first year with no monthly fees for the first year.
What is your turn around time to complete my store?
We upload all your categories and upload your first 30 products with descriptions and images. We show you on your computer screen through a remote interface how to manage your shopping cart, product prices, product images, and how to process your orders.

Can I use PayPal in South Africa?

You must have a qualifying FNB bank account (FNB cheque, savings or transmission account).
Have an FNB Online Banking profile (currently, not all online banking profiles support this).
Register a South African PayPal account on
Sign in to your FNB Online Banking account, register for this service, and link your PayPal account to your FNB Online Banking account. Read more

Is my website a self-owned domain eCommerce store?

We build your website on open source, meaning you may transfer or migrate to a different hosting company. You own the website property. After the first year, you pay a managed maintenance and hosting fee. Some companies, like Shopify, have a proprietary platform, meaning you don't own the code and cannot transfer your website.

What is the expected growth of online shopping in South Africa?

The website states that "the eCommerce sector in South Africa experienced a 19% boost in 2021, contributing to the worldwide increase of 29%. Revenue development is continuous. New markets are being developed, and existing ones may also grow.

How do I know if an order has been placed in my store?

You will receive an email from your website and an email from the payment gateway.

Mobile App Development?

Google's Android and Apple's iOS are operating systems used primarily in mobile technology. Android, which is Linux-based and partly open source, is more PC-like than iOS. Switching from iOS to Android or vice versa will require you to buy apps again from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
We can build a mobile app from your eCommerce website and make it available on Google Play and the Apple iOS store.
More information on mobile app development

What are the advantages of having your own e-commerce store?

After we have built your website, you own the web property and may host it with a different host.Your online store has an automated check-out, billing, inventory management, and payment gateway payments. The operational costs are lower with us. We supply free hosting, domain registration, and personal training on how to manage your shopping cart for the first year. Some companies charge a recurring monthly maintenance fee.

What is the best shippping/delivery courier company to use for my online store?

Fastway is a low-cost national courier delivery service that operates throughout South Africa.
Pargo: Customers may pick up or return a shipment at one of over 3000 locations.
The Courier Guy is South Africa's most trusted, well-known, and fastest-growing courier service.
Collivery MDS: is the top web-based express domestic and international courier service in South Africa.
Dawn Wing – DPD Laser: Dawn Wing, a subsidiary of DPD Laser, is a renowned express courier company in South Africa. Read more at best courier companies in South Africa

Can I connect my accounting programme with the eCommerce store?

We can integrate most accounting or POS payment systems or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which integrates a business's procedures and functions.

Can I use international payment gateways as a South African?

We integrate the payment gateway into your shopping cart. You have the option of using local or international payment gateways.
International payment gateways such as® and 2CO, as well as PayPal, accept South Africans.

Do I need an SSL certificate for online transactions?

Google is encouraging websites to use an SSL certificate on their sites. SSL certificates are required for websites in order to protect user data and prevent attackers from building a false version of the site. HTTPS websites get a ranking boost from Google for having a valid SSL Certificate.

I have already registered my domain?

If you already have a domain name registered, we can transfer it to our server or point it to our server. Domain pointing refers to the domain name remaining where it is registered so that the domain displays on the new server where we've developed the website once it goes live.

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