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As technology continues to advance, business people are finding that many new options are becoming available and the learning curve increases with learning and adjusting strategies that worked a year ago.

One of these new options is that business people may not be aware of a online payment option. As a South African business person we could not receive payments through international payments gateways and many have been put off not to start trading with a online e-commerce shop.
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Payment Gateways:

PayPal opens it doors in South Africa
PayPal opened its service to customers in South Africa on the 25 th of March 2010, The PayPal service is offered in partnership with FNB and has received approval from the Exchange Control Department of the South African Reserve Bank. South Africa’s FNB and PayPal have closed the deal for many South African that where waiting to start trading internationally. This agreement will enable customers to make and receive payments for goods and services online, and be able to pay for things and send money without sharing their financial information.

FNB customers in South Africa would be able to sell goods and services to PayPal global users base of more than 81 million active customers and 190 markets.
What online business model are you going to use?
Interested in starting an online business? A successful online business can truly be a dream come true, giving you both an income and the ability to work at home.But like any other business, starting an online business that will be successful takes planning and effort. The very first step, even before you write your business plan, is to figure out how you’re going to make money online. Obviously, you’re going to sell products or services, whether they be stuffed toys or nutritional information. But what online business model are you going to use to entice customers to buy what you’re selling?

Even if your business is doing well offline (brick and mortar) you would definitely profit by having an e commerce website. Think of all the ways in which you can expand your market. With a physical shop you’re limited to its location. There are no such limits on the Internet. You can sell your goods and services all over the world if you wish. You can also Geo-target to a specific country or area too. An E COMMERCE ONLINE SHOP does not only give you the possibility to expand your customer base, it can also save you time. You can have pages dedicated to frequently asked questions about your products and services with video integration your website gets interactive and the website start converting and making more sales.

Converting vital information and feedback from your clients and making informational video’s will help your marketing strategies. A study published by Cybersource Corp. shows that online stores providing PayPal and credit card options have a better conversion on sales.

Below are a number of online payment options you can offer:

Credit card processing
This is the currency of online payment. Credit cards are still a popular way of paying for goods and services online. To be able to use this payment option on your e commerce website to accept VISA or MasterCard , you’ll have to get an online merchant account. You can register for an online merchant account with your local bank.

This is a long and frustrating exercise to be able to process payment from all major credit cards in your site, you’ll have to register online merchant accounts with two separate banks. Reason: majority of banks only deal with some of the credit cards involved. The disadvantage is cost and red tape. The solution is an Internet payment gateway service. The gateway verifies information, transfers requests and authorizes credit cards in real time.
How do a Payment Gateway process transactions from a shopping cart? 
1. An online customer adds products to a shopping cart
2. When they finished shopping they click on "check out" and enter their billing information.
3. The customer is transferred to a secure payment gateway.
4. The payment gateway then transmit to the processor.
The processor transfer the information to the bank that issued the credit card or EFT.
Then verify the card and check to make sure that the requested amount is available on the card or EFT.
5. The process takes 2-4 seconds from the time that the customer entered their information and on approval be sent back to the e commerce website where the customers order page details display .
6. The payment gateway transmits the approval code back to your website where the customer made the purchase.
7. The payment gateway email the customer, an payment receipt and the website email you, the website owner.
PayPal is now in South Africa also and is an all-in-one online payment solution. Their Website Payments Standard program lets you accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit card payments as well as bank transfers and offer PayPal as well – with no monthly fees, setup or cancellation fees.

PayPal charges you a fee of 1.9 to 2.9 percent of transaction plus 30 cents per order, depending on your company’s sales volume. PayPal also offers an upgraded version of Website Payments Standard called Website Payments Pro, where customers check out right on your site rather than on PayPal’s (currently available only in the U.S.) E-commerce Solution – Having your own online shop will be the best investment that you will make when selling your own products or services. The reason for this is that all the online marketing will create a network of links that will point back to your e store.Over time you will save money as you will not have to pay or market your site as much as in the beginning. Earning money online is not that difficult, If your marketing, advertising, and e-store website is search engine friendly, then you’ll find you can sell almost any product or service.

Keep in mind that your website needs to be marketed and most of the marketing does not cost money but spending the time to create quality backlinks. The good news is that, the more marketing work you put in to your website, the more likely you will be able to make money. See this as virtual real estate and the efforts is your investment and will increase the value of your e-store over time.

It’s common business sense to make your site perform as good as it can and be indexed by the search engines, we help you to succeed with SEO and use different marketing strategy’s that we teach individually. E-commerce websites vary in the type of niches that they are in and in the beginning it is all about keyword research.

South African payment gateways

The most popular gateways in South Africa

Paygate is a popular South African payment gateway and has been in operation since 1996. It offers a variety of payment gateway options for Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, and American Express. 

Peach Payments

Peach Payments is a recent payment gateway in South Africa and it is rising in popularity due to its ease-of-use and developer-first approach. Users can also complete their purchases without having to leave your checkout page, making for positive user experiences.


PayFast is a great solution for e-commerce startups because you only pay per transaction with no monthley fees. One of the major benefits is that it does not require an internet merchant account to be setup.

There are no setup fees, which makes it an affordable option for smaller businesses. Visa, Mastercard, Direct EFT, Zapper, SCode and Mobicred are accepted.
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