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All of our website hosting plans are taken care of by us, with updates kept up-to-date and optimised for speed and security. We show you how to manage and upload your products, change prices, and process orders so you can sell products, accept payments online, track inventory, and grow your business.

Online Store Design Steps


Register a domain name

Get a domain name that is short, easy to remember and has at least one keyword in the domain that describes your online e-shop, ideally a is best because this is easily recognized as an online business but for selling your goods or services there more of a selection available by registering a e-commerce domain. If the domain name you want is not available. Look at the key words associated with your business then try different combination such as dashes between the words. As part of our services we register your domain and host the domain on our web server.


Building your e-commerce website

Our e Commerce software to build your e-shop website is hosted on our web hosting server. This allows more control because you only deal with one company, we create a eCommerce solution for you, we maintain it and coach you how to update and edit your own shopping cart through the administration login panel. You will be able to update the eCommerce shopping cart yourself and it is an easy process to list new products, change product prices or your product stock. We use e-commerce software such as WooCommerce, your only costs will be our professional web design. We supply free web hosting and train you to manage and update your own e-commerce store.


E-commerce Web hosting

Our web hosting service provides enough disk space and bandwidth to host your website and e-commerce software. As a valued customer we supply you with 1000 MB of space, and at least 5 GB of bandwidth per month. You could always upgrade your hosting plan, should you need more space and bandwidth. We give you technical support within 8 hours. Our server has 24×7 support and a 99.5 % up-time.


Add your products in your eCommerce shop

If you have hundreds of products it may be a good idea to create an Excel spreadsheet to list all the variables of your products: * product name * product image * product size * Price * taxes * shipping fees * SKU number, We list the first 30 products for you and give you full training over Skype “how to list your products in the shopping Cart.”

Integrating social media platforms with your eCommerce store allows you to sell products directly on these social media sites. This can be done by creating a social commerce integration that allows your customers to purchase your products directly from your social media profiles on your store. These apps are quick and easy to set up and they allow your social media profiles to expand as another one of your eCommerce shop’s storefronts


Accept online payments from your shopping cart

For accepting online payments like credit cards and EFT transactions we integrate your e-commerce shopping cart to accept PayPal or Payfast. We also integrate other South African and international payment gateways into your shopping cart if needed. This enables you to accept online payments without purchasing a merchant account payment gateway or a 3rd party shopping cart. Once your website begins attracting lots of visitors and making lots of sales consider integrating our auto responder components and other auditing components that stream line the tracing of your sales. We would advise you of what payment gateways will work better for subscriptions, products, services or in ZAR currency.


Testing your shopping cart

Once we’ve built your online store and added all your products it’s time to test its functionality. Act as a customer by going through the purchasing and checkout process to check for errors. Alternatively, find someone that is not familiar with purchasing products online and observe how easy it is for them to complete the sale. After sales have been registered in to your admin panel check if the shopping cart is storing and tracking the orders.


Promote your eCommerce website

Contact us for a strategy that will suite your budget, we only offer SEO services to websites we maintain and build. Our SEM and SEO services is additional and will be priced according to our services offered in the target strategy.


Monitor your eCommerce website statistics

As our valued customer we include site statistics which shows you how many visitors your site receives on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. It will also display where your visitors are coming from and what keywords they are using to access your website. This helps you to monitor the progress of marketing your online store.


Find out more about your own custom designed store to extend your business online. Starting an online business can be a rewarding experience, but where do you start?

Let us provide you with a guide on how to start your own business from the comfort of your home.
You'll learn how to get started on the first step of launching a online business - exploring your interests and ideas for a potential business concept.

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We have been developing eCommerce since 2004. We design any type of e-commerce solution, from a general store to complex membership websites that need a recurring subscription payments. Specialist in custom eCommerce Solutions.
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