eCommerce Readiness Guide

To start a successful eCommerce store, it's important to take specific steps to prepare. This guide will show you how to conduct market research to identify niche markets, reach potential customers, and create a compelling website that converts visitors into customers.

Information on niche markets is available on the Internet by doing keyword research. Search engines keep track of different keyword combinations and how many times they have been searched.

We can help you start an e-commerce business by first giving you an online readiness assessment to figure out who your potential customers are and how to set up your website

Information we require to build your online store:


What geographical area’s will you target?

For example, would you be selling international or local within the borders of South Africa or would you target a specific country? Your store's setup costs more if you offer more currencies, and delivery costs rise if you begin shipping products across national borders. Read more about real-time shipping rates.


Make a list of keywords that describe your products or service?

When you are starting a new business, it is always good to make a list of keywords, as the internet search engines will find your business when visitors search for your keywords.


Shipping costs influences your market

Shipping costs influence your market. Make a study of the delivery costs in your geographical area that you would like to target, i.e., investigate the delivery times and prices of the Post Office or a courier company. A flat rate calculation is the easiest to incorporate into your online store. For more advanced shipping, you could make use of live courier rates. We incorporate your products with the courier company's database. Read more here courier live store rates

How does international shipping influence an online store?
Online stores that offer international shipping can reach a larger market and tap into new customer bases. However, international shipping can also be more complicated and expensive than domestic shipping. Shipping courier rates can vary depending on the country of origin and destination, and some countries may have import duties or other taxes that need to be paid. Online stores need to be aware of these potential costs before offering international shipping. If a store uses a slow or unreliable shipping courier, this can impact how satisfied international customers are with the store. Finally, customs and import taxes can also impact an online store's business if they are not properly factored into the price of goods.


Your Terms and Conditions – do you offer an return and guarantee?

It is important that you include legal documents in your store so that you can serve your users the best while your legal documents protect your online business.


Do you have good quality product images?

Good quality product images increase product sales. Images should be consistent in size and we require a minimum image size of 600px. Landscape images display better than portrait images.
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