The best courier companies in South Africa for real-time shipping rates

April 18, 2022

The mission of a successful courier service is to collect and deliver packages in the quickest time possible

Here is a list of South African courier companies that can calculate and display real-time shipping rates in a shopping cart at the time when a user checks out the product from the online store.

What is real-time shipping pricing in an online store?

When an order is placed at the checkout page and the customer enters their physical address, real-time carrier shipping prices are instantly calculated from the courier company's database and presented in the shopping cart.

The integrated software that processes the calculation between the courier and an online store's shopping cart is known as an API.

The courier company supplies the API (API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is software that allows two applications to talk to each other.) Order integrations make a variety of procedures and duties easier to do in fewer stages, such as order manifestation, choosing and packing orders, delivering order tracking updates, and gathering proof of delivery. Whatever shipping method you choose: free shipping, flat rate shipping, free shipping, or precise charges based on real-time courier rates, courier integration takes the headache out of your delivery.

This greatly streamlines the shipping process and makes processing and delivering orders a quick and painless task for e-commerce companies. It also makes it simple for customers to purchase orders and track their deliveries on the e-commerce site. When orders are processed and delivered, courier API interfaces guarantee that timeline is maintained at all levels of the delivery process. Real-time API connectors allow you to follow each delivery step in real-time.

Real-Time Shipping Tracking:

The Shipping API aids in the tracking of orders as they are transported. They made it possible for shipping partners to submit tracking updates and for e-commerce stores and customers to receive this information. This also allows e-commerce shop's to better track the performance of their delivery partners.

What are Carrier-Calculated Real-Time Shipping Rates?

The best technique for calculating shipping costs is to use real-time shipping prices straight from your shipping firm. Your company can figure out how much it will cost to ship something from one location to another using this approach.

Real-time charges are computed as a user add goods to your shopping cart. The following are some of them:

Height, breadth, and length are the three dimensions that each product needs in order for the courier company's database to quickly calculate and show an accurate shipping rate for that product.

Methods and procedures for calculating shipping rates:

By default, an online store's principal shipping rate and method allow a shipping calculator on the cart page to display a rate after a user completes their shipment location and associates it with a shipping method.

There are four shipping options available in an online store:

The term "flat rate" refers to a delivery price that is fixed.

Coupons or a customer's purchase of a particular amount frequently triggers free delivery.

A consumer comes to pick up the merchandise locally.

Rates from carriers in real-time

To get the most accurate prices, connect to carrier systems like Pargo, MDS Collivery, Aramex, Fastway, and The Courier Guy. This assures that the rates are accurate.

Let's take a closer look at our list of suggested courier firms in South Africa that integrate into an eCommerce store's shopping cart.


Fastway is a low-cost national courier delivery service that operates throughout South Africa. Fastway Couriers is a multinational courier firm with franchises all over the world. It was founded in New Zealand in 1983. They have operations in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa at the moment. Fastway is a low-cost, reliable delivery service for local, short-haul, and national deliveries. It serves many of South Africa's most important places.


For online and omni-channel businesses, Pargo is the premier click-and-collect and return solution.

Customers may pick up or return a shipment at one of over 3000 locations.

There is a fixed fee for delivery and returns anywhere in the country.

Pargo provides busy consumers with unique delivery options, including the ability to pick up their online purchases at their local Pargo location or in-store whenever it is convenient for them. Pargo is a fantastic option for delivering to remote areas.

The Courier Guy:

The Courier Guy is South Africa's most trusted, well-known, and fastest-growing courier service. The firm began operations in 2000 and has since grown to become a global courier service. Among the services they offer are express and overnight delivery, as well as international delivery. They also offer a wide range of courier services.

The Courier Guy also provides discounted prices through their Pudo service, which allows you to drop off your packages at a convenient location. It will be picked up there by a courier before being delivered to your recipient.

They are one of the country's major delivery firms, with over 150 locations around the country.

Collivery MDS: is the top web-based express domestic and international courier service in South Africa.

Their cutting-edge, market-leading technology lets you handle all of your logistical needs from start to finish, giving you a wide range of options for all of your clients.

It offers real-time tracking as well as projected pick-up and delivery timings.

MDS has a network of 18 hubs across the country that make sure your package gets to its destination as quickly as possible and with the least amount of work from you.

Dawn Wing – DPD Laser:

Dawn Wing, a subsidiary of DPD Laser, is a renowned express courier company in South Africa. DPD Laser is the business to contact for time-definite express delivery of items weighing up to 30 kg. It serves both B2B and B2C customers in South Africa and beyond.

With our large national presence of 25+ facilities, over 1500 employees, over 500 vehicles, and our international partner, DPDgroup, we can handle all of your distribution demands. DPD Laser has also developed a variety of specialised products to meet industry-specific requirements. One of these is e-commerce. Healthcare, international business, and educational possibilities are also included.

We mix cutting-edge technology with local and global knowledge to deliver adaptable and user-friendly solutions and services, all of which are tailored to the needs of our clients and their customers. They keep things straightforward so that doing business with them is a breeze.

To sum it up:

Integrating the courier company's API into your business allows both the store owner and the client to get accurate, real-time shipping rates and track their packages.

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